General Conditions

Each contractual relationship between one or several visitors or users of the facilities of Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA, Mechelbaan 38, 2500 Koningshooikt, is automatically and legally managed by these contract conditions, to the exclusion of all others.

Our facilities meet the relevant applicable standards and guidelines. All commitments of Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA are efforts and can never be understood as resulting in commitments in any sense whatsoever. Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA places cleanliness and hygiene paramount. We expect visitors and users to make all necessary effort to respect this at all times and fully cooperate in this, in the interest of everyone.

You can make bookings at our entrance desk every day between 9:00 and 21:00 hrs, except for during our leave period. You can also book by phone during the same hours. Finally, you can always place your reservation online through our website. All of these booking methods automatically imply your legal agreement with the application of these contract conditions.

Your booking is taken by Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA and is confirmed after actual receipt of the established booking deposit of € 50. This booking deposit must be paid in cash when booking at the desk or with an online card payment. In the event of a late payment of this booking deposit, your booking will be cancelled.

Any special offers and promotions are always limited in time and are only while stocks last. Any special offers and promotions can never be combined with any other discounts that are allowed by Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA.

If you have a gift voucher for Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA, it is sufficient to give the number of the voucher. In case of breach of the agreement, or in the event of a cancellation by the client less than 5 calendar days prior to the agreement, the value of the gift voucher is made void.

In case the agreement is cancelled less than 5 calendar days prior to the agreement, or no one shows up to the appointment, the paid booking deposit of € 50 remains final, is non-refundable by Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA and is taken as compensation for administrative costs incurred and as lump sum damage reimbursement.

In case of a timely cancellation, a cancellation more than 5 calendar days prior to the agreement, the paid booking deposit can be used for the next booking. Only written cancellations are accepted as valid. The booking deposit is non-refundable.

The balance still owed by the client to Private Sauna Di Lusso BVBA, after deducting the € 50 booking deposit, has to be paid in cash at our desk at the end of the period of use of the private sauna or at the end of the treatment and before leaving the premises.

Private Sauna Di Lusso can never be held liable for any accidents in the facilities of Private Sauna Di Lusso, nor in the parking area. Private Sauna Di Lusso is also not responsible for damage to the personal property of visitors or users, including theft and vandalism, etc…

House rules:

  • smoking is prohibited in the entire complex
  • pets are not allowed
  • children should always be supervised by an adult
  • before using the complex you first have to take a shower
  • it is prohibited to dive in the swimming pool
  • it is prohibited to bring your own products in the swimming pool, whirlpool or sauna
  • it is prohibited to consume your own beverages and snacks in the complex
  • mandatory use of bath slippers
  • mandatory use of towels in the sauna
  • please respect the tranquillity of our neighbours
  • please leave the rented complex in a timely manner so the next clients can make use of a clean complex
  • as a client you are responsible for the proper use, by you, of the facilities made available by Private Sauna Di Lusso
  • in case of any damage caused to the complex rented by you, you are obliged to provide compensation to repair this damage
  • Private Sauna Di Lusso has the right to refuse people for whatever reason
  • Belgian law applies to all our legal relationships; the Mechelen District Court has jurisdiction over all disputes between Privésauna Di Lusso bvba and our clients, unless the law designates another court
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